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Our firm assists you in six areas:

Multi-channel development

Expand your presence on the market. Trained for and by our marketplaces partners, our experts accompany you from A to Z, from account creation to sales performance.

  • Back Market
  • CDiscount
  • Amazon
  • Specialized marketplaces…

Sales performance

With an expertise built for refurbishers, we assist you in responding to new consumption patterns with the right commercial offer.

  • Purchasing strategy
  • International sales
  • Saving your margin
  • Profitability…

Supply quality

Pillar of our market, the control of your product and service quality is not an option, it is a necessity. Our methodology guides you towards KPIs that surpass market standards.

  • Battery and touchscreen issues
  • Testing solutions
  • Delivery optimization
  • Customer service trainings…

Data automation

To control your growth, centralizing the activity of your sales channels on a single tool is essential. Save money on the most important cost in a company: labour!

  • ERP / API / FTP / Integrators
  • Instantaneous publication of stocks
  • Automatic import of orders
  • Error rate reduction

Cost optimization

Do more and better with less. If you want to reduce your costs in a sustainable way while strictly maintaining your quality level, this service is made for you.

  • Supplier renegotiation
  • Outsourcing of functions
  • Supply Management
  • Staff optimization…

Stock management

Banning stock shortages and avoiding overstocking are the challenges of a good supply strategy. Optimizing your cash flow is a major economic challenge, control it.

  • Stock segmentation
  • Flow control
  • Reliable sales forecasts
  • Forecast access to buyboxes

At Firsts, our service is based on an efficient step-by-step consulting methodology,
from the identification of your issues to the evaluation of the results obtained.


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